Foundation Phase


The foundation phases covers children aged 3-7years. At Carreghofa, this is usually split over 2 classes - Nursery/Reception and Year 1/2. However, some years there maybe three classes due to the number of children within the phase.

The foundation phase curriculum is a play based approach to learning. Through fun, practical activities children learn to be independent, confident learners. The areas of learning the children work on are:

*Personal, social development, well-being and cultural diversity

*Language, literacy and communication

*Mathematical development

*Welsh Language development

*Physical Development

*Creative Development

*Knowledge and understanding of the world

These areas of learning are taught through topics on a four year cycle. We have carefully chosen the topics to engage and excite learning. Some of the topics are:






*The forest

*Another country

We plan as much as possible through the topic for the half term and we try to include visits and visitors to enhance the learning experience.

Children can start school into the foundation phase, the term that they are four ie.

*Children born 1/9 - 31/12 can start in September

*Children born 1/1 - 31/3 can start in January

*Children born 1/4 - 31/8 can start in April (after the Easter holidays)

We realise that every child is different so we offer a variety of options for when a child is due to start school. They can start full time straight away or they can do part time/a few days a week and build up to full time. This is up to the parents and children but we are happy to advise and guide as we know it can be a difficult transition.

Follow the foundation phase the children will move onto Key Stage 2. We work closely with this team and we often have whole school events. The older children are brilliant role models for the younger children and they enjoy supporting them throughout their time in school.

It is important that children are well prepared for their school day so here is what they will need:

·         Book bag

·         Home-school journal

·         Reading book

·         Clean water bottle

·         Fruit/ fruit money

·         PE kit

·         Wellies

·         Waterproof coat

·         Sun hat (if the weather improves!)


·         Any money in an envelope, clearly labelled what it is for.


Remember, we are proud to be a healthy school, so please encourage your child to make healthy lunch choices or bring in a healthy packed lunch.  We encourage all children to have fruit and milk at Amser snac, so please send in money for the half term so that we can provide a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables or if you'd prefer, send fruit in for your child.  Also (especially during the summer term) we would encourage ALL children to bring in a clean bottle of water every day, to keep their brains and bodies going all day long!

Once your child has started school they will have a HWB login where you will find more information about what your child is doing in school.


We hope you find this page informative but please contact us if you require any further information.

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