Key Stage Two Spring 2015

Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to the Spring 2015 web page for Key Stage Two. We have a busy term ahead of us and a really groovy topic - The 1960's.  This topic is a lot of fun as so much happened in this decade and lots of us have family members who can remember what it was like then.

 Our English work will focus on the non-fiction texts of persuasion and information. The children will be presenting their work on the 1960's as information texts.  We will also be using our powers of persuasion to try to bring people round to our way of thinking. There will be lots of opportunity for spoken work as well as writing.  Later in the term we will be writing stories, using the vocabulary related to 1960's events and using some of the changes during the decade for ideas in our work.

We will continue to read with the children as often as possible and it is a great help if you read with your children at home. Spellings will be tested and new ones given out each Friday.

How many of you remember wallpaper like this? In maths we will continue to work on the four areas of number, shape, data and using and applying mathematics.  There will be maths homework each week, given out on a Friday and due in by the following Wednesday. There will be more work on fractions, decimals and percentages, especially for the older children.  If you find opportunity to use this strand of maths in everyday life it would really help your child with their understanding.

We find that children often struggle with the concepts of time and money, both of which are easily practised at home. Please practise these with your child if you can.

Some more lovely wallpaper!

In science the work will be on the physics side this term. We will be learning about light, sound and electricity.  In relation to our topic, we will be learning about space, including the space race between the U.S.A. and Russia. Try to observe the changes in the moon's shape during the term.

Our art work is all on Pop Art and the artists who started this movement such as Andy Warhol. We will be using lots of bright colours and blocks of colour to achieve the effects of pop art. We may even do some self portraits!

Design technology will be based on 1960's food. We will be researching and trying out some 1960's recipes. We hope to hold a 1960's day and the food will be part of this.

There is so much to learn about the 1960's.  We will be looking at what life was like at home and in school. There will be lots of work on the famous people of the time and the start of pop music.  We will be finding out what the local area was like in the 1960's and how it has changed over the years. As always, we will follow the children's interests and help them use their skills to learn about what they find most interesting.

In P.E. we will stay indoors while the weather is cold, working on gymnastics and dance.  We will be looking at some of the popular dance moves from the 1960's and using them in a new dance. We will make good use of the fantastic music from the time.

Later in the term we move onto hockey and netball. Please could you ensure that your child has a full P.E. kit including socks and trainers.   Year 5 will swim during the first half of the term and class 3 will swim during the second half term.  £2.00 per week for the bus is appreciated. Thank you.

Our music work will focus on the songs from the 1960's but we will also complete a unit of work on mathematical based songs. This is to ensure the children have chance to compose their own work as well as learn about the work of others.

In I.T. we will be working on presenting information using programmes such as 'Word', 'Prezi' and animation apps.

Our Work in Welsh will be based on our holiday news and our opinions on the gifts we received! 

Fruit costs 20p per day and really helps to keep your child concentrating until lunch time.  For the whole term the cost is £10.80 and your child will receive a fruit pass.

Remember that planners need to be in school every day and please ensure that you have signed each week's page. Thank you for your continued support.

The Key Stage Two team - Mrs Jones, Mrs West, Mrs Owen and Mrs Jervis.


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