summer 2015 ks2


Hello everyone and welcome to our Summer term webpage. This term we will be learning about Ancient Egypt, the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb and how important the Nile was (and still is) to the Egyptians. Unfortunately there will be no trip to Egypt for this topic but we have lots of lovely activities planned.

Our English work will focus on explanation texts, understanding of a wide range of texts, discussion and creative writing. This term is when we have to administer the national literacy and numeracy tests and in our daily work, we will be preparing for the type of tasks found in the tests.   We will continue to read with your child as often as possible and spellings will continue to be given out and tested weekly.  There is no homework over Easter.

 Maths will continue to cover the areas of number, shape and measure, data and using and applying. Again, we will be practising test type problems. The children are improving their times tables thanks to Mrs Kynaston's help. Please keep working on these at home whenever you can.

In science we will be learning about the human body, covering the digestive system, circulatory system and how drugs affect the body. We will be teaching the children about sex and relationships, with the help of the school nurse and at an age appropriate level. More information about this to follow.

Howard Carter's journey into King Tutankhamen's tomb will be the main focus of our topic work. We will also be looking at other aspects of Egyptian life such as agriculture and hieroglyphics. We will also be learning about the gruesome process of mummification. In topic (and other subjects) we include as many literacy and numeracy skills as possible to re-enforce the skills learnt in maths and English lessons.

P.E. will be outdoors again this term. We will be doing athletics, rounders, outdoor adventurous activities and cricket. There may be opportunity for some tennis coaching, information to come. Both classes have trips planned which enhance our outdoor adventurous activities provision and these always prove to be very enjoyable for all concerned.  Please can you ensure that your child has a full P.E. kit in school with socks and trainers.  If you have any school kit at home, please could this be returned.

Year five will be swimming during the first half term and year six during the second half term. £2.00 per week towards the cost of the bus is appreciated. Class 3 do not swim this term.

 On the creative side we will be learning about death masks and designing our own. There will also be opportunity to develop a new alphabet along the lines of hieroglyphics. We are cooking again with an 'Apprentice' type task on bread. Our music work focusses on staying healthy and runs alongside our science work. There may be some rapping involved.

Mrs Roberts continues to come in weekly to help the children with their Welsh reading. We will be giving our opinions on a variety of things in Welsh and explaining our reasons for that opinion.

We look forward to another busy term, the last in primary school for some pupils. Your continued support is very much appreciated.  As always, please pop into class with your questions  and suggestions.

Many thanks, the Key Stage Two team.

Mrs Jones, Mrs West, Mrs Owen and Mrs Jervis.

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