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Breaking news - After a successful Healthy Schools PEA (Powys Excellence Award) accreditation, we are now applying for the NQA (National Quality Award!).  The assessors are coming in on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th July to find out if we really are a Healthy School! 

Breaking news - Our School Council have been invited to talk about what we've achieved this year at the next Governors Meeting.


These are some of the things that we hoped to achieve during the year and how we are getting on with them - 

Achieve Healthy Schools PEA (Powys Excellence Award) – We had two visits from the Powys Healthy schools accreditors and have successfully achieved the PEA.  We are now busy working toward the NQA.

Improve the boy’s toilets – Walls have been painted, pipes have been lagged, bottom cut off doors and a new floor. Bottom section replaced on urinals.  As we keep going on about it, it's still on the wish list for next year to improve the cubical doors!

More computers – Some classes had new lap-tops and desktops to go with their IWB's.  We now have tablets and i-pads that are used in each class and there will be more in September.

Our own computer logins - Year 6 have their own log-ins, other pupils use class log-ins.  KS2 would all really like their own, so we are meeting with Mrs Jones to discuss this.

New sinks in class 3 and 5 – We introduced hand gel in these classrooms so that we could wash our hands better than just with the current cold taps.  Improving these areas is on the wish list for next year. 

Paint the school and get rid of cobwebs – The inside and outside areas of school have been cleaned and painted by staff and parents during Ground Force days, new carpets have been fitted throughout school and lots of new seating areas have been created outside. 

Come up with ideas to stop noisy lunchtimes – After lots of suggestions from pupils and teachers, Class 4 now go outside for the first 10 minutes, which means they don’t have to sit and wait for the others to have dinner.

New markings on playground – Pupils had a competition to provide ideas for new markings.  We now have new markings on the front and back playgrounds and they are split into zones to make playtimes more exciting.

Bigger school dinners – We have written to Powys Catering and talked to our dinner ladies about this.  The portions we have are the same as all other schools in Powys...we just want seconds!  This is ongoing.

Raise money for charity – We decided which charities to support, then planned, advertised and organised events.  We raised money for Children in Need and Sport Relief.

These are some of the other things that we have done that have come up from suggestions boards/things in the news/ SIP/ requests from teachers -

  • There is now a Suggestions boards in every class
  • We looked at and gave our opinions on the following school Policies – School uniform, Anti-bullying, Smoke free and the Home school agreement.  We have also run assemblies to explain to the rest of the school what these policies mean.
  • We read through and sent back our comments about the Welsh Strategic Education Plan (how welsh is taught and to who).
  • We have evaluated the new Growing up resources and discussed which resources are suitable for each class.
  • We thought about what makes a good teacher, came up with questions and helped to interview for a new teacher.
  • We updated all our posters about health and hygiene – some were a bit tatty and old.
  • We researched e-cigarettes and decided that we should ban e-cigarettes and all NCP’s on school grounds.
  • Following comments on the suggestions boards, we re-introduced thought boxes and came up with new circle time rules and suggested structure.
  • We researched defibrillators and their benefit in rural communities and have started writing to local companies and groups to ask them to get involved in funding for a de-fib in Llanymynech.
  • We sent a questionnaire to KS2 pupils asking what we can do to encourage more children to have fruit at break time.
  • We have decided to take part in Child Accident Prevention Week.

What's been going on in our school...