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Additional Learning Needs

At some point in most children’s learning they will require additional support. This may be because they are finding parts of the curriculum difficult or they are learning at a much quicker pace than their peers. We use our support staff to put in place structured programmes, either individually or as part of a small group.  Different professional specialists also visit school regularly to work with individual children needing support in an area. The Additional Learning Needs Policy including more able and talented is available for parents wishing to know further details regarding this area. Parents are also welcome to arrange a meeting to discuss their child with the Additional Learning Need co-ordinator if they wish.


Meeting Everyone's Needs

At Carreghofa, we aim to meet every child's needs, with a high priority on inclusivity. The school has disabled ramp access throughout, as well as hoisting systems in different parts of the school. 

Staff work hard to ensure all children are given the support they require and as many opportunities as possible.


Mrs. Claire Pritchard

Head Teacher, ALNCo

If you would like further information or would like to discuss specific Additional Learning Needs Support, please do no hesitate to contact us.


Mrs. Janet Van-Lill


Understanding ALN

With recent changes to ALN in Powys, it can be difficult to understand how different children are supported and the ALN process that are in place. The document below provides information for parents about understanding ALN. 

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