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Carreghofa Primary School is a village school on the outskirts of Llanymynech which is situated on the border between Wales and England.

Our school currently has 93 pupils (September 2019) aged 3-11. Children can start school the term that they are four where they will enter the nursery/reception class.

We are extremely proud of our school and strive for everyone to be:

"Happy together, reaching high!"


We encourage all to display our values, which are:

Wonderful me

If you want any information, a discussion about the school or to come and visit us, please just let us know. 

Mrs. Claire Pritchard - Head Teacher


A Variety of Outdoor Learning

"There are many worthwhile opportunities for pupils to develop and apply their speaking and listening, reading and ICT skills in their work across the curriculum".

-Estyn, 2019

The Carreghofa Curriculum

"The school provides a rich and varied curriculum for pupils"

-Estyn 2019


A forward thinking and creative curriculum for all children 

We provide our pupils with a curriculum, which seeks to educate the ‘whole child’ as well as achieve high academic standards. As staff, we strive to make the learning process appropriate to meet all pupils’ needs, with teaching styles that develop positive attitudes to learning, the understanding of concepts, and the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

Work is always differentiated to meet the needs of all children. We have high expectations for all our children.

The Foundation Phase (5-7 year olds)

The focus is on learning through play.

It is here that the foundations for learning experiences are laid. Children learn how to relate to others, to co-operate, to listen and to enjoy school. By providing a broad, rich curriculum through a topic based approach, we aim to develop the children’s interests and widen their understanding of the world.

Foundation Phase covers the following areas:

*Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity
*Language, Literacy and Communication
*Welsh Language Development
*Mathematical Development
*Knowledge & Understanding of the World
*Physical Development
*Creative Development

Work is always differentiated to meet the needs of all children. We have high expectations for all our children.

Key Stage 2 (7-11 year olds)

As children progress through Key Stage 2, we aim to build on the skills and enthusiasm established in the Foundation Phase. The core skills of English and Maths will be developed through specific lessons, whilst other skills and knowledge will be developed through a cross curricular approach.

Children are encouraged to develop self-confidence and independence in their learning.

In Key Stage 2 the following sessions are covered:

*Physical Education
*Design & Technology

The Curriculum – The Core Subjects

English/Language, Literacy and Communication

Initially, children are given experiences which help them to listen and respond to stories and songs, express needs and opinions, make real choices and develop skills, which will equip them for reading and writing.

As children move through the Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2, they will develop and apply their skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing and express their ideas through a variety of ways in different situations.
By the end of Key Stage 2 the majority of children talk and listen with confidence in a range of situations. All children are able to read fluently and accurately.

They can discuss and respond to texts and locate information to help support other areas of the curriculum. The children’s writing is varied and interesting. It conveys meaning clearly in a range of forms for different readers and different purposes.

Maths/Mathematical Development

Initially children are given experiences which help them to acquire and use mathematical language about shape, position, size and quantity, recognise basic patterns, sort familiar objects and begin to recognise numbers.
As children move through the Foundation Phase and into Key stage 2, they will develop and apply their knowledge and skills of number, shape, space, measures and data handling. Developing skills to calculate and solve problems mentally is very important to help prepare children for life and we give a lot of time to developing this.


By the end of Key Stage 2 the majority of children are able to identify and obtain the necessary information to work through tasks and solve mathematical problems.

Science/Knowledge & Understanding of the World

Initially children are given experiences, which help them observe, find out about and identify features in the place they live and in the natural world. Children are given opportunities to investigate objects and materials and ask questions about why things happen and how they work.

As children move through the Foundation Phase and into Key Stage 2 they will develop their investigation skills through studying the following topics: Life Processes and Living Things, Materials and their Properties and Physical Processes which includes electricity, forces, light and sound and the Earth and beyond.

By the end of Key Stage 2 the majority of children are able to independently plan and carry out fair tests, observe and measure with precision in order to record results and draw conclusions from their findings.

We have created a Forest Schools area with trained staff. This is regularly used by pupils.

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