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Information for Parents

Here is some of the information that new or existing parents may require. More day to day information can also be found on the school Facebook page. If any more information is required, please contact the school office. 


School Uniform

The Carreghofa School uniform consists of Royal blue school jumper, Sky blue polo shirt, Navy trousers or skirt, Dark sensible shoes (no trainers) If visible, navy/white socks.

Extras: Blue & white summer gingham dress, Navy shorts, Royal blue cardigan, Reading folder, PE bag, Water bottle

All uniform can be ordered through the School's ParentMail, in the shop section. Uniform is supplied by Mid Wales Embroidery. 

School Payment Systems

The school uses a cashless payment system for school dinners and for all other payments. Parent Pay is the system connected to Powys Catering that is used for school dinner payments. Parent Mail is the school based payment system used for uniform, trips, events and correspondence, such as newsletters.


After School Clubs

After school clubs are available, free of charge for all children in the school. The clubs run on a Wednesday night from 3.15pm - 4.15pm.

Clubs do not run on the first or last Wednesday of the half term. More information is provided on the weekly newsletter.  


Further Information 

School Prospectus

School Dinner Menus

For more specific information, such as the time of the school day, lessons, assemblies etc. Please see a copy of the Prospectus.

An overview of the School Dinner Menu is available here, a reminder of the upcoming dinner menu for that week or any changes will be sent on the weekly newsletter. 


Every week, a newsletter is sent out to Parents/ Guardians via the school Parentmail system. 

On the Newsletters, dinner menus for the week are available, reminder of clubs or any other upcoming events. 

Recent events or achievements are also included to keep parents up do date of the goings on at Carreghofa School!

Sample Newsletter

Free School Meals & School Essentials

Information about Free School Meals and Access to Support with other essentials, such as uniform can be found below.

Learning Phonics- Song of Sounds

Reading at Carreghofa begins with learning phonic, this is taught using the Song of Sounds Scheme. 

More information can be found below. 

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